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Zdjęcie: Instagram @mywoldmonroe
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Wiele osób uważa, że niepełnosprawność zamyka człowieka w domu i skazuje na nudę. Nic z tych rzeczy! Zobacz najlepsze profile niepełnosprawnych dziewczyn na Instagramie, które pokazują, że z chorobą też można ciekawie żyć.

Przeglądając Internet w poszukiwaniu nieszablonowych profili, znalazłyśmy konta niepełnosprawnych dziewczyn, które nie wstydzą się swojej choroby. Niepełnosprawność to nie wyrok, a te panie są tego przykładem. Pokazują jak żyć i spełniać marzenia, pomimo przeciwności losu. Na ich kontach widać dysfunkcje, spowodowane przez choroby lub wypadki, jednak pomimo to dziewczyny idą przez życie z uśmiechem i energią, której niektórym w codziennym życiu często brakuje.

Te profile są naprawdę bardzo inspirujące. Zobacz najlepsze konta na Instagramie niepełnosprawnych dziewczyn, które zrobiły na nas największe wrażenie.


1.Paola Antonini, modelka

2. Renee, zaburzenia motoryki przewodu pokarmowego

3. Tess Daly, blogerka modowo – urodowa

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MOTD ❤️ I uploaded this video last week, however I deleted it pretty soon after. I know I promised you guys slowed down videos from now on, however I had a few ‘technical difficulties’ and I had to do another time lapse. As this is a simpler look however, the speed just looked CRAZY fast and you couldn’t really make anything out, so I deleted it and attempted to slow it down a tad. I know this is a bit jerky and still incredibly fast, but here it is anyway! Slow videos will be resumed soon ?? LIPS: @kkwbeauty Nude lipliner number 3 & lipsticks number 2 + 3 EYES: @anastasiabeverlyhills Medium Brown brow definer & Granite brow gel, @plouise_makeup_academy Secret Sinner palette, @bperfectcosmetics x @mmmmitchell Subzero highlight palette FACE: @esteelauder DoubleWear BB cream, @toofaced Born This Way concealer, @anastasiabeverlyhills Saddle bronzer GLOW: @bperfectcosmetics x @mmmmitchell Subzero highlight palette – – – #plouise #anastasiabeverlyhills #bperfectcosmetics #kkwbeauty #novababe

A post shared by Tess Daly ? (@tess.daly) on

4. Sara Geurts, modelka, inlfuencerka z zespołem Ehlersa – Danlosa

5. Kathleen, modelka z Zespołem Downa

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The sheer joy of being respected and validated, not judged. And all it takes is a little bit of kindness and an open mind… ?❤️ . The “UNITE” shoot… . That shoot was so intense, and emotional, and overwhelming in the most positive way due to the message it’s trying to convey: diversity all at once, different skin colours, different sexual orientations, different physical abilities, different cognitive abilities, all happy, all respectful of each other! The world as it should be, in one room. Loved every minute! . @zebedee_management ・・・ @dailypaper teamed up with @fgukmagazine and selected over 30 London-based and international muses to come together and deliver what it means to support progression and mixed culture. Creative Direction and Casting:  Isaac Tremaine Kimbugwe @isaac_tremaine & Marvin Maddix @marvinmaddix Stylist: Marvin Maddix @marvinmaddix Styling Assistant:  Aylin Delemen @aylindelemen | Lucy Tulley @lu.cin.da Production: Tommy Cassani @tommiegram_ Hair: James Catalano @jamescatalanohair Make-Up: Francesca Daniella @frankiedaniella using @narsissist . . . . . #iamable #inclusion #teamzebedee #zebedeemodel #downsyndrome #ds #fashionmodel #teenmodel #nothingdownaboutit #bodybeautiful #bodybeautiful #selflove #disabledmodel #disability #beauty #fashion #editorialphotography #editorial

A post shared by Kathleen Wabi Sabi Zebedee (@kathleenhumberstone) on

6. Sophie Bradbury – Cox, blogerka modowa. Cierpi na rdzeniowy zanik mięśni

7. Erin Clark, artystka, pisarka i tancerka pole dance. Ma sparaliżowaną dolną część ciała.

8. Michelle Roger, pisarka, blogerka z dysautonomią

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If you can't see it, create it. Part of the prompt for me to do the airport shoot was that it was the 3rd birthday of starting #UpAndDressed. But more than that, it was because I was tired of flipping through fashion magazines here in Australia, or looking at fashion advertising and never (okay rarely) seeing a visibly disabled model depicted. But a final straw was that despite disabled models gracing the runways at Melbourne Fashion Week for the first time this year, the round up video didn't show even one shot of any of the disabled models involved (either the 2 models in the opening laneway show or the 19 involved in #AccessToFashion). A historic moment, but we were erased from the narrative in favour of traditional fashion imagery. . . I am tired of waiting. I am tired of hoping that the industry here will change. We have small inroads but I can't help but conclude that the Australian industry is still reluctant to include visibly disabled models. Real diversity requires action and commitment. It's not just a buzzword used to tick a box. . . Belonging to the invisible age group of 40s and 50s women AND being disabled I know the liklihood of seeing images I can relate to is slim to none. So I decided to say SCREW IT. . . And I created my own images. . . So here I am. A pissy, peri-menopausal, 45-year-old disabled woman strutting around a rural airport wrangling metres of material in blustery winds, embracing my love of fashion and styling. . . I'm not interested in waiting. . . Don't get angry. Get fabulous. . . [Image: Michelle stands with her walking stick in golden late afternoon light on an open airport runway. She is wearing a billowing green and white dress with big red sheer bow and rows of goldden beads. the wind is blowing her hair.] . #UpAndDressed #Disability #ChroniIllness #Fashion #FrockingUp #ootd #wiwt #40Plus #40PlusStyle #DisabledAndStylish #BabesWithMobilityAides #DisabledFashion #DisabledStyle #ChronicFashion #ChronicStyle #WalkingStick #Gippsland #Australia #RuralStyle #RuralFashion

A post shared by Michelle Roger (@michelle_roger) on

9. Kimberly, tancerka, modelka, rak odbytu

10. Ruby Allegra, aktywistka cierpiącą na lipodemię

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Underneath I Am: Unapologetic This is me. My truest me. Existing in my disabled, queer, trans, genderfluid body. I first shot for @underneath_we_are_women Almost two years ago. It was liberating, and a major catalyst for change as I moved towards love and acceptance for my disabled body. My disabled sexuality. My disabled legs, hands, arms, feet. A lot has changed and shifted since then. With acceptance of my disabled identity came a comfort and willingness to explore and discover other facets of my identity. I was now no longer subscribing to the ableist societal belief I had been taught, that disability was the only factor of my existence, masking and hiding and possibility that my sexual identity and my gender identity could be as complex and nuanced as my non-disabled peers. With time and a shift in both understanding and exploration of my whole self, came the sense that the original photograph which Amy took of me for her wonderful body diversity project no longer reflected my identity, and she kindly offered to shoot me for a second time. I no longer identify as a woman as I did during my initial shoot. I am genderfluid. My pronouns are they/them. I am still so honoured and proud to be part of the @underneath_we_are_women campaign, because representation is so important. Representation of disabled bodies is so hard to find. Representation of trans disabled bodies is even harder to find. Representation of non-binary disabled bodies? Almost non-existent. This is important. This is me. . . . [Image description: Ruby is sitting cross-legged in their wheelchair, wearing only orange lace underwear and nothing else. Their hands are resting on their ankles and seat, and they are laughing loudly at something in the background, with their eyes scrunched tight and their mouth open in a wide smile. There is a black line censoring Ruby’s (genderless) nipples.]

A post shared by Ruby Allegra (@rvbyallegra) on

11. Megan King, artystka z Zespołem Ehlersa – Danlosa

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"Learning to ❤ My Scars 1. Come to terms w/ them. The 1st thought I had when I saw the pic on the L was "Oh my that's a long scar & now my back has more scars". That's OK! 2. Acceptance. I will accept this scar & all the rest on my body bc they're a part of me. Although, they don't define me. 3. Self Love. I ❤ my scars even though I wouldn't have chosen them. I'm proud of them. EDS is a fight every day. There's a quote, "Don't be ashamed by your scars. They're reminders you're a survivor. You're stronger than whatever tried to hurt you" -unknown This is how I feel. They are my battle wounds ~Megan King @thetravelinghaloofhope * * I saw this new scar on the L 1 year ago today. It looks medical to me. The pic on the R was taken 6 months ago today by @amydfoto during @underneath_we_are_women project. When I saw the photo I saw beauty. I didn't see medical. I earned that scar & it's represented in an artistic way. I apply that quote I just mentioned to both pics. Knowing that entire scar will be reopened again makes me proud of myself bc I survived last year & I'll get through this year. I've always called my scars my "battle wounds". Each surgery is like a battle to overcome * * @edsawareness_official @themightysite @ehlers.danlos @ehlersdanlosuk @planetdiscovery @straightcurvefilm * * Hair: @misstanialos * * #selflove #acceptance #selfacceptance #ownit #comfortableinmyownskin #bodypositive #bopo #bodyappreciation #survivor #scars #scarred #scarsarebeautiful #ehlersdanlos #ehlersdanlossyndrome #invisibleillness #chronicillness #chronicpain #zebrastrong #spoonielife #roadtorecovery #hope #positive #bodypositivity #underneathwearewomen #themightysite #straightcurvefilm #scoliosis #fusion #surgery #bodyimage

A post shared by Megan King (@thetravelinghaloofhope) on

12. Sarah Alexander, blogerka modowo – lifestylowa z Zespołem Ehlersa – Danlosa


13. Mama Cax, blogerka, modelka z amputowaną nogą

14. Sherise Dreyer, cierpi na wrodzoną łamliwość kości

15. Kia Rogue, modelka na wózku

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Sepulchrum, un bellissimo evento, un gruppo fantastico, una nuova esperienza. Ho portato questo outfit per la Gang dei Bloods per @sepulchrum.official 2018 Dress by @darefashionusa amazing as always ? Make-up by me Inspired by @marilynmanson . #sepulchrum #sepulchrum_18 #sepulchrum2018 #sepulchrumgangsofbronx #sepulchrum18 #sepulchrum_2018 #alternativewheelchair #gothwheelchair #chiaranoire #arcaniestensi #darefashionusa #alternativemodel #altmodel #alternativegirl #italia #gothgoth #wheelchairmodel #picoftheday #wheelchairlicious #instagoth #wheelchairgirl #nobodyshame #bebodypositive #disabledfashion #disabledgirl #HotPersonInAWheelchair #lifegoesonwheels #adaptivemodel #imadaptive #fashion4everybody

A post shared by witch soul ❩⚫❨ (@chiara_kiarouge) on

16. Ewa Harapin, blogerka lifestylowa

17. Alyssa, uraz rdzenia kręgowego

18. Adriele Silva, triathlonistka

19. Gem Turner, blogerka, wrodzona łamliwość kości.

20. Nadjet Meskine, modelka, miss uśmiechu 2017. Ma przerwany rdzeń kręgowy.

21. Toni, blogerka pozbawiona jednej nogi

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Check out them gams! ✨ #lifeofapirategirl

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22. Rafa, modelka, uraz rdzenia kręgowego

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Desculpem minha empolgação rsrs, mas sabe quando você fica muito apaixonada por uma foto sua? É muito gostoso esse amor próprio!❤️ Acaba exalando de dentro pra fora e tudo fica lindo rs. Se ameeeeem amigas porque a gente é linda demaaaiisss pra não se amar! ???♿️✨? . . Produção de Moda: @ca_arruda_ Maquiagem: @katiagarciamakeup Fotografia: @angelica.machia Cadeira de Rodas: @smartcadeiraderodas @lojadocadeirante . . . . . . . . #disability #beauty #disabilities #inclusion #diversity #inclusive #inclusivity #tattoomodel #tattoos #tattoostyle #lifestyle #model #modeling #makeuplife #disabled #disabledandcute #makeup #invisibledisability #fashionblog #fblogger  #disabledfashion #lookofday #lifeonwheels #cadeirante #lesaomedular #physicaltherapy  #digitalinfluencer #wheelchairwoman #fashiongirl

A post shared by Disabled Lifestyle (Rafa) (@myworldmonroe) on

23. Nancy Harris, doradca, modelka, pisarka z amputowaną nogą

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Diversity at it’s best with the collaboration of Daily Paper and FGUK Magazine in their UNITE shoot. Different skin colours, sexual orientation, physical abilities, cognitive abilities, ages all working together to celebrate the strength and importance of diversity. . . Creative Direction and Casting: Isaac Tremaine Kimbugwe @isaac_tremaine & Marvin Maddix @marvinmaddix Photographer: Simon Cecere @simoncecere Assistant Photographer: Alex Beryl @aberyls Stylist: Marvin Maddix @marvinmaddix Styling Assistant: Atkins Delemen @aylindelemen | Lucy Tilley @lu.cin.da Production: Tommy Cassini @tommiegram_ Hair: James Catalans @jamescatalanohair Make-Up: Francesca Daniela @frankiedaniella using @narcissist @papaghana . . #bodyconfidence #amputee #amputeemodel #teamzebedee #bodypositive #diversity #fashion #urban #fiftyplusandfabulous #selflove #iamable #inclusion #bemorenancy #dailypaper #disabledmodel #editorial #prostheticleg #amputeecurvemodel #greyhairmodel #classicmodel #amputeelifestyle #zebedeemanagement

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