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Młodość i siwe włosy. Zobacz rewelacyjne zdjęcia kobiet z siwizną

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Siwe włosy mogą wyglądać obłędnie. 26-latka zainicjowała w mediach społecznościowych akcję niefarbowania siwych włosów. Kobiety chętnie idą za jej przykładem, pokazując, że z siwizną na głowie można wyglądać fenomenalnie.

Większość kobiet, które są właścicielkami siwej głowy, ulegając presji społecznej i narzuconym kanonom piękna, farbują gorączkowo włosy, by nawet pojedyncze srebrne lub białe pasmo, czy odrost były niewidoczne. 26-letnia Martha Truslow Smith postanowiła skończyć z tym raz na zawsze. Po kilkuletniej walce z siwymi włosami, zdecydowała się więcej ich nie farbować. Swoją historią podzieliła się w mediach społecznościowych, zakładając konto na Instagramie @grombre, jako miejsce wsparcia dla tych kobiet, które decydują się pozostawić naturalne włosy. Profil doczekał się już prawie 60 tys. obserwujących a kobiety z całego świata wysyłają swoje zdjęcia z siwymi włosami, opisując własną historię porzucenia farby, która z reguły nie jest łatwa. Wszystkie wyglądają po prostu oszałamiająco, przez co inspirują do tego, by znaleźć w sobie odwagę i zrobić to samo. Zobaczcie wybrane zdjęcia młodych kobiet z siwizną i zdecydujcie, czy nie wyglądają obłędnie.

1. Elizabeth, Instagram @young_and_gray29, zaczęła siwieć w wieku 13 lat. Nie farbuje włosów od 3,5 roku.

2. Maria, Instagram: @silvercrown2018. „Wierzę, że pewność siebie i samoakceptacja są tym, co czyni kobietę piękną”

3. Kayla Arroy, (Instagram: @laeudaimoniaart) zaczęła siwieć w wieku 13 lat

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“I started going grey around puberty. I remember clearly throughout middle/high school people would comment with sudden surprise “you have grey hair!” as though it were something to be shocked about – admittedly it might have been a bit strange for a 13 year old to have any silver but hindsight is 20/20 – and as a young girl, I took that as something I needed to be ashamed about, something I needed to hide, so I started dying my hair and would forget about it until a few weeks later as my roots grew in. And then back to the dye. In December 2015 I had a moment in which I was thinking about the importance of authenticity and realized that although I more or less show up as authentically me I can be, I still wasn’t 100% there. I decided to stop the dye and let my truth come through. I feel more me than I have in years. It’s been a journey, and I find that I love it more and more every day. I even inspired my grandmother to stop dying and embrace her grey!” @laeudaimoniaart #grombre #gogrombre

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4. Lauren J. Kennedy, (Instagram @bottled.alive). Zdjęcie zrobione pod koniec lata 2018 roku, w momencie niefarbowania włosów od 2,5 roku

5. Debi Cleary, (Instagram @debicleary), ukrywała siłe włosy od 18 roku życia

6. Instagram: @silverisihing, „Celowe wybranie siwych włosów to samoakceptacja i społeczna deklaracja”

7. Instagram @nachogrrl, ma 33 lata i siwe włosy

8. Selisha, Instagram @selisha_g, zaczęła siwieć w wieku 13 lat

9. Kanya Ankelo, Instagram @kaija_siren, przestała farbować włosy, gdy zachorowała na raka w wieku 38 lat

10. Instagram @thesoberglow, nie farbuje włosów od 11/4/2017

11. Feride Ozdemir, Instagram @feriideferiide, nigdy nie farbowała włosów

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“I have never dyed my hair. I have never thought about doing so. Not because I wanted to protest nonsensical norms that society imposes on women, but I simply love myself the way I am. How tragic it is that society does not hesitate to marginalize you even because of your hair color as unless you comply with its norms. So, if it makes me a rebel, I am happy to embrace this identity. I love seeing women start to question their decisions and the society they are living in after meeting me and some even decide to keep their grey hair. Grey is the most beautiful color of my life. I feel lucky and blessed to have it. Thank you for raising awareness of people around the world. It means a lot.” @feriideferiide #grombre #gogrombre

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12. Pi, Instagram @silverlocksshining, ponad rok temu rozpoczęła swoją przygodę z naturalnymi włosami

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“One year ago I embarked on this journey: the journey towards natural hair. I had no idea what to expect, both in terms of outcome and of the journey itself. Some of my friends almost begged me to go back to colour, as apparently I was about to commit the unforgiveable crime of looking older. . I may look older now, but I have rarely been as happy with myself as a whole as during this transition so far. I have learnt to love me for who I am and just the way I am, and I owe it to my hair ? I often hear that it is only hair, but the truth is that there is more than just hair involved. . To those of you on the fence, give it a try. If you do not like it you can always go back to colouring your hair! . 13 3/4 months into transition – 11 3/4 months post blending” Thanks for using #grombre #gogrombre @silverlocksshining

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13. Marina, Instagram @marinatrevijano, obecnie ma już wszystkie siwe włosy

14. Jenna B., Instagram @fuzzy_guts, ma 27 lat, siwe włosy pojawiły się u niej w wieku 12 lat

15. Instagram @huggermuggertrends, zaczęła siwieć będąc dwudziestokilkulatką

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“I first noticed grey in my mid twenties, in fact my husband and I started to go grey in the same area of hair practically at the same time. I Covered it endlessly with black dye which really suited me but I was left looking tired, unkempt and embarrassed when someone pointed it out as soon as the contrast of silver growth showed at the parting. I decided to run two blonde/grey streaks through the front of my hair which looked great and took the attention off the growing out of the roots. They have grown out a lot now and left way to natural silver streaks. I literally get stopped in the street once a day by women and men expressing their love for the colour and it’s really sweet to hear.” @huggermuggertrends #grombre #gogrombre

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16. Tennile Murphy, Instagram @thetennilelife_, nigdy nie farbowała włosów

17. Erin Lewis-Fitzgerald, Instagram @erinlewisfitzgerald, pokazuje zdjęcia przed i po zaprzestaniu farbowania

18. Tissy, Instagram @stormmusings, porzuciła farbowanie włosów latem 2017 roku

19. Liz Wittich, Instagram @lizwittich, zaczęła siwieć jako nastolatka, przestałą farbować włosy po trzydziestce

20. Bella Zorra, Instagram @_la_silver_zorra_, nie farbuje się od 2012 roku

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“My first gray hair memory was when I was 7 years old. I remember being at school, I had long hair, and it caught my attention. I yanked it out, but never really thought much of it because I thought it was normal; both my parents have ALWAYS had grey since my earliest childhood memories. It wasn't until I got married and I had my second child at 22 that I started to go salt and pepper. One day, my female boss was leaning over from behind as I sat at my desk, and she made a comment, ‘oh my goodness, for such a young woman, you sure have LOTS of grey!’ I felt so embarrassed and ashamed; I did not want to be considered old! So from the age of approximately 24 I started to dye my hair dark brown, the closest I could get to my "natural" color. I did those until I was 41 years old. By then, I was coloring every 2 weeks! I hated it. It grew out so fast, all I could see was a white skunk line. Sometimes when I traveled, I would pack a box of dye in my luggage, just in case. I would be mortified if anyone even suspected that I had grey hair. Many times I tried growing it out, but I felt like I would look hagard and old, and then I'd give in, and re-dye; it was like alcohol addiction…always back to the bottle! Anyhow, I was going to turn 42, and I made a bet with myself… I would go cold turkey for 12 months (no matter what) and see what was really growing underneath the dye. My heart was ready. I got many (unwanted) opinions from friends and my kids, ‘don't do it, you're gonna look old…’ ‘Why are you letting yourself go?’ I did it, it took me 3 years to grow it out completely. I didn't do the big chop, instead, I kept cutting the ends. I have been dye free for 6 years now; I love me and my hair. I get compliments ALL the time. As a matter of fact, people in general think I'm in my 30's; I'm 48. …and because of my hair, I model for stock photos! I feel more vibrant and beautiful today more than I ever did than when I dyed it. My husband has nicknamed me his ‘SILVER FOX.’” @__la_silver_zorra__ #grombre #gogrombre

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21. Lhin Angkris Holguin, Instagram @lhinholguin, ma 37 lat, siwe włosy pojawiły się u niej w szkole średniej. Od 4 lat nie farbuje włosów

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“My name is Lhin. I am 37 years old from Thailand. ?? I have had gray hair since I was in high school. It keeps changing the color more through the years. I had to dye my hair almost every month. Four years ago, I decided to let my gray hair grow out and embrace my natural color. Despite some mean comments from neighbors, I didn’t care and went on with my daily life. Nowadays, I am asked by people all the time, “where did I get my hair done!?”They love it and want to have this color too. I love my hair and I feel blessed that I embrace it and let this color become me. I am happy to see this grombre ladies out there. Thank you for raising awareness of people around the world. I want to shoutout for someone who is struggling with a similar story like me; keep being yourself and embrace it. Because you are absolutely beautiful in your own way!” @lhinholguin #grombre #gogrombre

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22. Anna, Instagram @prettysheperd, nigdy nie farbowała włosów, choć siwieje od 13 roku życia

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“I’ve been greying since the age of 13 and I’ve never dyed my hair. Furthermore, I’ve been growing it since 12 and I have entirely forfeited cutting it five years ago. I’m profoundly happy with the way it looks. The colour and the length combined are one of my favourite attributes. Never have I ever felt like it made me look older! Instead it gets me the sweetest and most magical compliments, some of which I’m sure you’re familiar with: looking avant-garde, otherworldly or like a fairy, an elf, or Frozen-Anna. My current life on an organic farm somehow resonates with my natural hair, and for me it’s another way for my femininity to shine through. I hope to inspire as many as possible, to be brave enough to embrace and show who and what they truly are on the inside.” @prettyshepherd #grombre #gogrombre

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23. Stephanie Franich, Instagram @stephfranich, zdjęcie zrobiono w 16 miesiącu niefarbowania włosów

24. Sandra Looft, Instagram @sandra_onthetrails, przestała farbowac włosy po 30 roku życia

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"I love the @grombre community so much! All of the submissions have played a huge role in helping me feel more confident in my own greying journey. I tried going natural a few times in the past and always lost the confidence and reverted back to dying my hair a dark brown to match my original color. I worried about all the things that one might worry about: looking older than my age, looking less professional and put-together, not conforming to Western notions of beauty and attractiveness and being treated differently because of the ingrained and unchecked biases we hold that affect how we interact with people, especially when they don't fit a mold. After turning 30 and becoming a parent, something changed for me. It has a lot to do with modeling the kind of person I want my kids to be: someone who is confident in their body and their looks while celebrating diversity and everyone's uniqueness. My kids are so beautiful to me just as they are. I don't ever want them to lose that joy and confidence. I knew that part of keeping that confidence alive in them had to do with the actions and behaviors I modeled for them, which includes living my values and not just preaching them. Shortly after deciding to finally embrace my natural grey (I found my first greys in my early 20s and spent about a decade battling them with dye), I also found @grombre. The universe was sending me a clear message and I'm so glad I listened. I feel 100% happier and more confident now and really don't miss the chemicals, money, and obsession with covering and hiding something that frankly isn't going anywhere. Thank you to all of you who have shared your journey and who continue to rock your beauty and your authenticity!" @sandralooft #grombre #gogrombre

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25. Claudia M, Instagram @canastaisia08, ma 27 lat i od ponad 4 lat nie farbuje włosów

26. Mercedes AHM, Instagram @mercedesahm, ma 31 lat, zaczęła mieć siwe włosy, gdy miała 5 lat

27. Ororo Munroette, Instagram @ororo_munroette, to jest jej drugie podejście do niefarbowania włosów

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“It is the second time I do the « experience » of this transition. First time was 3 years ago in 2015. I let them grow but then decided to cut them very short, I didn’t find a real proper way to arrange them, neither a new style, then they grow again and I suddenly tied them with biological vegetal brown color, as I was feeling less sure about myself. And also because I like to follow my desires 😉 even if I change my mind. But somehow I felt sad to have covered my « inner light » again and decided this year, after months working on myself (meditation, reading and applying lots of self-development books, drawing, taking time for me out of my last job), to let them grow naturally, not only the color but the natural movement of my hair. And it matches perfectly with my state of mind and mindfulness. I think it represents how every woman/human has beauty and light and freedom inside her. And I’m proud of being part of a movement that spread courage, healthy lifestyle and self-acceptance around the world. Others are helping me and I’d like to help others wearing that white (and grey) flag on their head and learn that patience really worths it. ?☀️Time reveals treasure when you take it.” @ororo_monroette #grombre #gogrombre

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28. Allie Woodall, Instagram @amw8238, ma 35 lat i nie farbuje siwych włosów

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“I’m 34, a mother of 3 and it’s crazy that this is one of the scariest things I’ve ever done. I almost buckled 4 months into my journey when it came time for family pictures. But I didn’t. And when the photographer asked me if I wanted a headshot, I knew I would use it to write my #grombre testimony. The best part: all my life my hair has been flat and oily but add a little gray and I finally have volume and texture. #whoknew For all the scaredy-cats out there… This is acceptance. This is forgiveness. This is love. Not a lot of people support my decision so I am ever grateful for this Instagram account. But my best friend thinks I’m brave and my husband calls me beautiful.” @amw8238 #grombre #gogrombre

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29. Maria E, Instagram @beauty_and_wonder_all_around, przestała farbować włosy latem 2017 roku

30. Michelle Morales Miles, Instagram @hidingplaces, żegnając 2018 rok pożegnała także farbowane włosy


Zobacz, co założycielka @grobmre, Martha Truslow Smith mówi o całej akcji

Grombre Instagram Celebrates Women With Gray Hair

This Instagram celebrates women going gray

Gepostet von NowThis Her am Montag, 1. Oktober 2018


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